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Pharmaceutical rubber components that contribute to build aw better world

A Dream for the next one hundred years

With the aim of improving people's health, Samsung Medical Rubber is striving to
provide customers highest quality primary packaging rubber components for rapidly changing pharmaceuticals,
biologics, and health-care products. Throughout our whole process, from formulation development to product design,
production and after-sales service,
we are committed to excellence and achievement of the most important goal:
our customer's satisfaction to celebrate together the fulfilment of our dream in the next one hundred years.

We invest our resources, competences and passion to make our dream come true and share it with you.
Especially, after long years of efforts to manufacture Teflon laminating rubber products, which is considered as next generation rubber stopper,
we have completed the registration of domestic patent.

By operating a production management system linked to ERP, we are trying to take a step closer to customer satisfaction.

40-50% of the products has exported to USA, Europe, Asia, Africa and other countries with getting favorable reviews and
our company is on an upward growth of export.