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Pharmaceutical rubber components that contribute to build aw better world

CEO Message

You visited the website of
Samsung Medical Rubber Co., Ltd.
Welcome sincerely.

Our company contributed to the development of disposable syringes and
teflon laminated rubber stoppers for the first time in Korea in response to modernization of medical equipment.
We have developed Korea's first medical grade rubber products which are guaranteed to be non-toxic, In addition,
we have earned the ISO15378 for the first time in our industry and are devoted to quality control.
We are exporting to USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries.

With the development of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology,
we are constantly developing new technologies and new products with continuous investment in R & D,
in tandem with the specific requirements for non-toxic pharmaceutical rubber products.

We will do our best to supply best quality medical rubber products and service.
Please give us your constant interest and support.
CEO of Samsung Medical Rubber Co., Ltd.
Chung Jun-su