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Pharmaceutical rubber components that contribute to build aw better world

Surface Treatment & Coating

  • Siliconization

    Medical grade silicone available as standard surface treatment for good machine-ability and low particle shedding.

  • S1 Treatment

    A semi-permanent surface treatment that resist to aggressive washing and sterilization The lubricity of the product surface is guaranteed with virtually no sub-visible particles release.

  • Film coating

    Samsung Medical Rubber Co.,Ltd. has developed proprietary coating process and product design for compatibility with APIs that are non-compatible with rubber and/or silicone.

  • Quality Assurance

    Our Quality System has been developed originally as ISO 13485 for Medical Devices. In 2014, following the enhanced focus on Pharma Industry we adopted ISO 9001 and soon after also ISO 15378. The Quality System guarantees that all our processes are designed and managed in compliance with the

    Pharma Industry standards. Customer Audits at our facility are welcome.