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Pharmaceutical rubber components that contribute to build aw better world

Quality Assurance

Our Quality System was originally developed as ISO 13485 for Medical Devices. In 2014 however, following the enhanced focus on Pharma Industry we obtained the certification in compliance with ISO 9001; soon after we also obtained ISO 15378. The Quality System guarantees that all our processes are designed and managed in compliance with the Pharma Industry standards. Customer Quality Audits at our facility are welcome as an ideal opportunity to improve the fitness of our Quality System.

Samsung Medical Rubber
provides differentiated
Lab service.
We will compete with
world in best
quality and
competitive price.
  • Product Development Support

    • Extractable Test
    • Physico-chemical performance test
    • Microbial test
  • Physico-chemical and performance test

    • Functional dimension testing
    • Seal Integrity
    • Self-sealing
    • Silicone residue
    • Residual humidity
    • Water vapor and gas permeability
  • Microbial test

    • Bioburden Test
    • Endotoxin Test
  • Customer Project Development

    • URS definition and feasibility study
    • Prototype design and economic evaluation
    • Pilot tool realized and sample production for product concept approval
    • Production tools built and industrial supply